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Help get the word out about our campaign to impeach President Donald Trump

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Congress has the responsibility and authority to impeach the President when, as here, he has violated the Constitution and federal law.  But it is up to every American – every one – to ensure that Members of Congress do their job.  And that’s what we’re going to do.  We’re going to deliver millions of signatures to Congress to convince Members to introduce articles of impeachment; we’re going to flood Congress with calls from their constituents and pass local resolutions to pressure Members of Congress to defend our Constitution; we’re going to build the case for why Donald Trump should be impeached and removed from the office immediately; and we’re going to organize in every county across the country, until Congress has no choice, but to uphold the Constitution and represent the people who elected them.

Still fired up? Here’s how you can help:

Step 1: Sign the Petition – if we can show that the American people are willing to stand up for the Constitution, Congress will follow our lead.  After you sign, share it with your friends and neighbors by email or social media.  Or, click here to download petitions to collect signatures door-to-door in your neighborhood.  Once a Member of Congress is ready to introduce our impeachment resolution, we’ll deliver the signatures to Congress to let them know that ‘We the People’ have their back. Get your friends to sign it too!

Step 2: Call, write, visit or tweet your representative – ask your Representative to co-sponsor our impeachment resolution to ensure that no one is above the law, not even the President.

Step 3: Pass local-resolutions – ask your local elected officials – student body government, town council, or state legislature — to draft a resolution in support of impeachment.

Step 4: Support a public education campaign – help fund a public education campaign to build the case for why Donald Trump should be impeached and removed from the office immediately.  We need to be online, in the newspapers, on TV, Radio, Billboards, to make sure every American knows how Trump is violating the Constitution and why Congress must act.

Step 5: Donate — Every dollar raised will help support staff, technology, and volunteers who are fighting every day to defend our Constitution.