Join the #YoureFired Challenge

We’re sending a message to President Trump: You’re Fired.

We are launching a viral video campaign to impeach Trump. Let’s show this reality TV star what we’re made of — a growing people-powered movement ready to stand up against corruption in our democracy.

We will Retweet and Repost our favorite submissions. Be sure to say “You’re Fired” and to include in your video.

Take the #YoureFired Challenge! Here’s how:

1.  Film a  short, 5-45 second video of yourself and/or a friend saying  “You’re Fired.”

2. At the end of the video, create a sign or add text to share the URL  “”

3. Post your video to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Youtube with the hashtag #YoureFired. Tag 5 friends in your post and challenge them to the #YoureFired Challenge.

Who: You + Your friends + Free Speech For People + RootsAction, and a group of women filmmakers from Boston.

What: A 5-45 second video, tell President Trump, “You’re Fired” and sharing our URL “”

How: Use an iPhone or any other handheld device. Share your videos by adding the hashtag #YoureFired in your social media posts; invite 5 friends, via email or social media tags, to take the challenge too. You can make as many videos as you would like.

When: Please make your first post on Presidents’ Day, Monday, February 20, if possible. This viral video campaign will continue in the coming weeks.

Why: From the moment he assumed the office, President Donald Trump has been in direct violation of the US Constitution. We cannot hide behind our computers waiting for change. The #YoureFired Challenge is a chance to spread the word and put a face to 875,000 petition signers already calling for Trump’s impeachment.

Get the Word Out


Looking for some motivation? Check out the videos below to get started: