The Bill Press Show: Rep. Al Green & John Bonifaz Talk Impeachment

“I do admire greatly, what my friend is doing. He and his cohorts have given the American people a means by which they can participate in this process. It is a participatory democracy, and I encourage people to go online and to make your voices heard. This is a way for your to participate. Sign the petition. It will be the will of the American people that will drive the will of Congress. If the American people speak up and stand up, and have impeachment town hall meetings, you don’t have to wait on a congress person to have an impeachment town hall meeting, you can call one yourself.” — Rep. Al Green (TX-D, 9th District)

Today, Congressman Al Green, Representing Texas’ 9th District and John Bonifaz, Co-Founder & President at Free Speech for People joined The Bill Press Show to discuss the campaign to impeach President Trump. Watch the full segment above.