Impeachment Media Round-Up

Impeachment has been in the news lately with the recent sentencing of Donald Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, and as the Mueller investigation continues. But we’ve known of Trump’s impeachable offenses, since he took the oath of office.

Check out our round-up of the latest news on impeachment proceedings against the President:

  • The New York Times: The Inevitability of Impeachment
  • Washington Post: If Trump’s actions aren’t impeachable, then what is?
  • The Hill: Mueller’s Choice: Impeachment Does Not Preclude Indictment
  • NBC News: Trump Confides to Friends He’s Concerned About Impeachment
  • Inquisitr: Donald Trump Impeachment Proceedings Could Start Soon, Predicts Key Watergate Figure
  • The Nation: The Impeachment of Donald Trump Is No Longer ‘Off the Table
  • The Boston Globe: Why Aren’t We Talking About Impeachment?
  • USA Today: How House Democrats Can Save Democracy and the Rule of Law: Impeach Donald Trump ASAP
  • Bloomberg: When Impeachment Is Mandatory
  • Salon: The Case for Impeaching Trump: I Voted to Impeach Nixon — I Can Recognize a President Running Amok
  • Thread by Harvard Law Professor, John Coates, on impeachment:

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