Boston.Com: Where did Cambridge’s Trump impeachment resolution come from—and what’s the end game?

Earlier this week, Cambridge made headlines as the fifth city in the nation and the first in Massachusetts to pass a resolution calling on Congress to launch an impeachment investigation of President Trump.

Nik DeCosta-Klipa of Boston.Com reports on how  “supporters oft he impeachment resolution movement agree that “Any given municipality’s resolution by itself is obviously a very, very small piece,” says Ben Clements, a Boston lawyer and one oft he leaders of a national campaign calling for an impeachment investigation against the president. “But the idea is overtime more municipalities will join in on this.”

Clements, Free Speech For People board chair continued,  “We expect that overtime it will blossom.”

We have a feeling he’s right.  Cambridge joins the California cities of Richmond, Alameda, and Berkeley, as well as Charlotte, Vermont calling for impeachment.

DeCosta-Klipa writes, “Johanna Schulman, a member of Cambridge Area Stronger Together, a local progressive activism group, says she became aware of the resolution after she saw Clements give a local speech.”

“I came back to CAST and said ‘OK, I have our first order of business. This is something we can accomplish. It’s important. It’s inline with our mission,’”

Schulman recalled, calling the resolution an “actionable” opportunity for

Schulman said the group reached to City Councilor Marc McGovern, who is also the vice mayor oft he city, about two weeks ago. McGovern was supportive and was soon able to get the resolution on the council’s agenda. It passed 7-to-1 on Monday with one present vote.

“The whole thing took about two weeks from start to finish,” Schulman said with excitement. “I mean how often does that happen?” Schulman says CAST is working to continue the forward momentum by reaching out and offering assistance to neighboring municipalities like Somerville, Arlington, Belmont, and Watertown. She says she is aware ofongoing efforts to pass the resolution in Amherst, Newton, and Wellesley.

Miss Schulman has a point, but she also stresses the importance of more politically diverse cities than Cambridge to pass their own impeachment resolution—she hopes more Republicans will act as well.

“What they need to hear is that it’s not just the Berkeleys and the Cambridges of the country that are calling on the House to investigate impeachment, but the Tulsas, the Baton Rouges, the Molines, the Fargos, the Pittsburghs,” she said.

We will keep you updated on what cities pass our resolution next.  Click here to read the full article.

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