Brookline, MA Becomes 10th City To Call For Impeachment! Passes Resolution on 5/27

Last night,  Brookline’s Town Meeting voted to pass a resolution to call on Congress to launch an investigation into whether President Trump’s business dealings violate the Constitution.

“We believe it’s important to pursue these violations of the emoluments clause as a matter of precedent, to make it clear that no president may violate the Constitution with impunity,” Alexandra Borns-Weil told Town Meeting members Thursday night, reports The Boston Globe.

Borns-Weil joined fellow Brookline resident Lisa Kolarik, to bring the resolution to a Town Meeting vote after gathering more than 400 signatures from fellow Brookline residents.

Watch this video from a supporter who attended the Brookline town meeting.

The elected members of Town Meeting voted 158 – 2 in favor of the measure, with 13 abstentions. The town’s selectmen and advisory committee also supported passage.

In an email to the Boston Globe, Kolarik said the vote shows “we the people have been heard.”

“I think the resolution’s passage reaffirms that we the people want to live in a constitutional democracy that respects the rule of law”, she continued.

Brookline is the fifth Massachusetts community to call for impeachment and the tenth in the country. The follow Massachusetts cities have also passed impeachment resolutions: Cambridge, Amherst, Pelham, and Leverett.

Additional coverage of this vote available via The Boston Globe.