Rep. Al Green on The Young Turks: Threats, Intimidation Won’t Deter Trump Impeachment

Representative Al. Green of Houston, TX was the first member of the House to call for the impeachment of President Trump for obstruction of justice.  Since then, his office received a number of angry (and racist) phone calls, some of them threatening acts of terror, reports TYT Politics Contributor Eric Byler. Rep. Green and Byler met at the US Capitol to discuss the impeachment campaign and the public’s reaction. Of the threats, Rep. Green assured that they will be taken seriously to protect staff and constituents — but they will not deter or intimidate Rep. Al Green from moving forward with introducing an impeachment resolution.

We commend Rep. Al Green for his courage and patriotism, and we thank him for joining in this important cause of our time.

*Warning: Some portions of this interview include the playback of voice messages that some may find disturbing.