“This season of corruption is real and not normal” says Republican Strategist Steve Schmidt

Republican Strategist Steve Schmidt joined the All In with Chris Hayes show to discuss the significant corruption occurring in government and in the Trump administration. Schmidt states in the interview:

Everywhere you look in this cabinet you see malfeasance, you see corruption. Big corruption, little corruption, petty criminals next to the major grifters and the real criminals.

When we look back on this era ten years from now, we will see fundamental changes to so many aspects of campaign finance reform…so this can never, ever happen again.

But this season of corruption that we’re in the middle of is real, it’s not normal, it’s completely unprecedented, and it’s getting worse.

As Schmidt demonstrates, impeachment is not a partisan issue. There are concerns about the corruption of this administration across the political spectrum. Impeachment is solely about holding the President accountable to the law and to the Constitution, not partisan politics.

Watch the full clip below.