Exit Polls: 40% of 2018 Voters Support Impeachment

According to exit polls from Tuesday’s midterm elections, 40% of voters support an impeachment investigation of Donald Trump.

The report by CNN reminds us that, “40% is much higher support for impeachment than most presidents face, including President Bill Clinton, who was actually impeached.” CNN also reports that, “support for impeachment is the highest in California, where 54% of 2018 voters back it, followed by New York with 52% support.”

Since these exit polls were conducted, the President has engaged in further egregious, unconstitutional behavior. On Wednesday, Trump made his latest move to obstruct justice by firing Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who had appropriately recused himself from overseeing investigations into the 2016 election, and installing Matthew Whitaker, a Trump loyalist whose appointment appears to be unconstitutional, as acting Attorney General. Whitaker has repeatedly spoken out against the Mueller investigation and is now involved in overseeing the investigation, against which he has a clear bias.

Trump further engaged in impeachable behavior this week when he undermined the freedom of the press by revoking the press pass of a CNN reporter, Jim Acosta, on fraudulent accusations of assault.

Following the midterm elections, it is clear that support for impeachment is growing. We must push even harder for Congress to pursue impeachment proceedings against President Trump.

Salon: I voted to impeach Nixon – I can recognize a president running amok

Congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman of New York served on the House Judiciary Committee that investigated the role of President Richard M. Nixon in the Watergate scandal and voted to impeach him. Now, in an excerpt from her book, The Case for Impeaching Trump, Congresswoman Holtzman draws connections between the Nixon Administration and the current administration, laying out a clear case for launching impeachment investigations against Donald Trump.

In her excerpt for Salon, Congresswoman Holtzman details the many constitutional violations Trump has perpetrated. These include obstruction of justice and violation of the emoluments clause, among many others.

Holtzman draws a strong parallel between Trump’s actions and those of Nixon, detailing the events that lead to Nixon’s impeachment. She describes the Watergate coverup and Nixon’s order to fire the special prosecutor investigating him. In response, she says, the “American people drew the line:”

They demanded that Congress take action, and it did. It started an inquiry, which resulted in a bipartisan vote for articles of impeachment, forcing Nixon to resign. It was in response to obstruction that the articles of impeachment against Nixon were adopted. Their message? Presidents cannot block, tamper with, and destroy the machinery of justice that is aimed at them. If they do, it is at their peril. They face impeachment, removal from office, even imprisonment. But if we allow presidents to block, tamper with, and destroy the machinery of justice that is aimed at them, we do so at our peril. The rule of law will go up in smoke. We will enshrine two standards of justice, one for the powerful and one for everyone else. We will find ourselves on the road to tyranny.

Congresswoman Holtzman is right. Much like Nixon, Trump has violated the Constitution repeatedly. It is time for Congress to take action – just as it has before in similar circumstances – to launch an impeachment investigation. We must act to preserve a just system that serves everyone, not just the powerful.

She concludes:

Together, President Trump’s actions are indicative of a president who has established a different standard of justice for himself—exactly the kind that we declared impermissible in Nixon’s articles of impeachment. He has done so at the expense of democracy. And he’s done so at his own peril.

The American people demanded justice during the Nixon Administration and we demand justice now.

Read the excerpt from Congresswoman Holztman’s book in Salon here.

New ground for impeachment hearings: Trump’s hush money payments to influence the election

President Trump has been directly implicated—by his own personal lawyer—in a criminal conspiracy to illegally influence the election. This justifies an impeachment investigation.


On August 21, 2018, President Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, pleaded guilty to eight criminal charges. Two of those charges stem directly from criminal actions that Cohen says he took at the direction of then-candidate Trump in connection with Trump presidential campaign. 

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Ron Fein on the Peter B. Collins Show

Free Speech For People Legal Director Ron Fein recently spoke with Peter Collins on his podcast about impeachment:

Fein thumbnails the impeachment process, and we talk about past cases of impeachment of Bill Clinton, Richard Nixon and Andrew Johnson…

We discuss the recalcitrance toward impeachment shown by Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, and by Hillary Clinton in a recent interview with Rachel Maddow. Polls show that almost half of voters support impeachment now, but party leaders follow the polls instead of leading on a matter they say threatens the future of the republic. Fein is even-handed, and criticizes Republicans who place party loyalty and tax cuts over the corruption of their leader.

Listen to the interview below! And listen to more interviews from the Peter B. Collins Show here.

Ivanka Worries About Impeachment for Donald Trump

An article from Bustle reports that even Donald Trump’s children have started to worry about the possible launch of impeachment proceedings against him:

President Donald Trump’s children have tirelessly defended him against any and all criticism since he first launched his bid for office. But the release of Bob Woodward’s White House exposé and the New York Times op-ed about “the resistance inside the Trump administration,” as well as the continuing FBI probe into the Trump campaign, may have them a little rattled. In fact, Ivanka Trump worries about impeachment, a source close to the president’s senior advisor told Vanity Fair.

With the midterm elections quickly approaching, as well as growing negative press, the atmosphere in the White House has increased the concern among Trump’s family and advisors:

But even his daughter is reportedly concerned that the recent barrage of negative press, dwindling approval ratings, and numerous lawsuits could end with her father’s impeachment…

Democrats taking hold of Congress would put President Trump at greater risk of impeachment, and experts predict that they have a shot at flipping both the House and the Senate this year. A Washington Post report last month revealed that White House aides were considering sending Ivanka to Democratic strongholds to help her dad campaign for Republicans in the midterm election.

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