Texas Represenative Jason Villalba: It’s Time to Impeach the President

In a recent op-ed for the Texas Tribune, Texas Republican State Representative, Jason Villalba called for the impeachment of Donald Trump.

Representative Villaba criticized Trump for his policies and behaviors, writing:

Since Donald J. Trump has been president, he alone has increased the national debt by over $1 trillion. Yes. One trillion dollars. The fastest any president in U.S. history has accrued that level of debt.

Our president has mocked and belittled our immigration laws, our intelligence agencies, our foreign policy strategy and even the American people. We have been called “stupid,” “weak,” “a joke” and “pathetic,” all by our own president.

Villaba went on to make a call of action to his constituents and to the American people, encouraging them to reject becoming “sordid, ugly, Trumpists who require anger and vitriol.” He continued:

But verily I say unto you today, if we do not stop this man now, today, over 500 days into his presidency, we will be equally culpable in what he has planned for our great nation. President Trump thinks you are a fool. He believes you will never abandon him. And he believes that that there is almost nothing that he can do that would cause you to abandon supporting him.

But what he doesn’t know is that you are not a fool. You, like me, are an American. And no man will own your heart and mind like this president thinks he owns you.

There is growing bipartisan support for impeachment proceedings against President Trump. Villalba’s impassioned op-ed provides further evidence that impeachment is not a partisan issue, but rather is an issue of upholding the laws of our country as laid out in the Constitution. Trump’s numerous constitutional violations demand an impeachment investigation – the American people and Congress must act now.

You can read Representative Villalba’s full op-ed here.

Ron Fein to the Huffington Post: Impeaching Trump is a Question for Congress

In an op-ed for the Huffington Post, Free Speech For People Legal Director Ron Fein challenges the notion that launching impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump must wait until the conclusion of the investigation conducted by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Contrary to a common misunderstanding, impeachment does not require evidence that the president committed a federal crime. While senators will be right to question whether Kavanaugh would cast the deciding vote to protect Trump from prosecution, Americans must not surrender an important constitutional safeguard against a president’s non-criminal abuse of power.

The fact that Trump has committed impeachable offenses that are not crimes has been lost in our current public discussion, which misleadingly speaks of impeachment as either a prerequisite to or a consequence for a finding of criminal violations. This narrow framing effectively shrinks the scope of Congress’ impeachment power by ignoring serious but non-criminal offenses like pocketing foreign emoluments and abusing the pardon power.

Click here to read the full article on the Huffington Post.

New ground for impeachment hearings: cruel and unconstitutional imprisonment of children and their families

We have added a new ground to our call for Congress to start hearings on whether to impeach President Trump: cruel and unconstitutional imprisonment of adults and children.

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NY Times: Congress Could Determine Trump’s Future

As reported by the New York Times, Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s lawyer, recently stated that he believes Robert Mueller intends to follow Justice Department rules that make presidents immune to indictment while in office. Traditionally, politically appointed lawyers in the executive branch have argued that the stigma and distraction of being indicted would interfere with the president’s ability to carry out his constitutional powers.

Others, such as Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal, have argued that presidents can indeed be indicted. Regardless, whether Mueller intends to follow this “rule” or not, it is clear that Congress and the American people will ultimately have the power to impeach Donald Trump.

We have already established eight grounds for impeachment proceedings against Trump. Members of the House have already introduced articles of impeachment. Mueller’s investigation and final report to Congress will be important to bolster these grounds, but we already have more than enough evidence to initiate impeachment proceedings.

You can call your representative and encourage them to support impeachment proceedings. Check out the following resource page for a script you can use when calling your representative’s office: Sample Script

Newsweek: Support for Trump’s Impeachment Higher Than His Approval Rating

Newsweek reports that, in a recent poll, the percentage of Americans who support impeaching Donald Trump is currently higher than the president’s approval rating.

Forty-two percent of those polled responded that they believe Trump “should be impeached,” while his approval rating was thirty-nine percent.

Not only that, but Trump is now only one percentage point away from former President Richard Nixon when it comes to the number of Americans who want him impeached. Nixon is the only president to have resigned from office, which he did in anticipation of his imminent impeachment.

The poll also showed that the majority of Americans oppose Trump’s recent claim that he has the power to pardon himself. Seventy percent of those polled reported that they would disapprove of Trump issuing himself a pardon.

Read the full article Newsweek here.