One Year Anniversary of the Comey Firing

One year ago today, Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey in response to his investigation of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign. The firing of Comey was an obstruction of justice, and therefore an impeachable offense. In response to Comey’s firing, on May 15, 2017, Congressman Al Green introduced Articles of Impeachment, calling on Congress to begin impeachment proceedings. Watch the video of Congressman Green introducing Articles of Impeachment on the House floor and read more about it at our blog here.

One year later we are fighting to hold Donald Trump accountable and to preserve our democracy. Following the firing of Comey, we added Trump’s obstruction of justice to a long list of impeachable offenses.

As Special Counsel Robert Mueller continues his investigation into potential coordination, it is crucial that the Department of Justice is shielded from White House influence. But we also cannot wait for Mueller’s investigation. We must act now.

We must continue this push for impeachment to preserve our democracy. Sign the petition to impeach Donald Trump Now.

MSNBC: “Is the business of the President enriching the President’s business?”

In a segment of the 11th Hour with Brian Williams, aired on April 18, 2018, the profits to Trump’s businesses, as a result of his presidency, are explored. Per MSNBC:

“President Trump has taken to calling Mar-a-Lago the “southern White House” and has been vocal about talking it up during his summit with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Is the business of the president enriching the president’s business?”

The campaign to Impeach Donald Trump Now was launched because, from the moment he took office, Trump’s refusal to divest from his business interests has placed him in direct violation of the US Constitution’s Foreign Emoluments Clause and Domestic Emoluments Clause, which forbid the President from profiting from the office. The Clauses are also in place to prevent conflicts of interests which may influence the decision making of the President and impact his ability to serve the American people, as the oath of office requires.

Click here to watch the full segment on MSNBC.

“This season of corruption is real and not normal” says Republican Strategist Steve Schmidt

Republican Strategist Steve Schmidt joined the All In with Chris Hayes show to discuss the significant corruption occurring in government and in the Trump administration. Schmidt states in the interview:

Everywhere you look in this cabinet you see malfeasance, you see corruption. Big corruption, little corruption, petty criminals next to the major grifters and the real criminals.

When we look back on this era ten years from now, we will see fundamental changes to so many aspects of campaign finance reform…so this can never, ever happen again.

But this season of corruption that we’re in the middle of is real, it’s not normal, it’s completely unprecedented, and it’s getting worse.

As Schmidt demonstrates, impeachment is not a partisan issue. There are concerns about the corruption of this administration across the political spectrum. Impeachment is solely about holding the President accountable to the law and to the Constitution, not partisan politics.

Watch the full clip below.

Fox’s Napolitano: McCabe firing could be seen as obstruction of justice

A recent article in The Hill discusses statements by Fox News Judge Andrew Napolitano warning that the President’s firing of Andrew McCabe could be viewed as obstruction of justice.

Napolitano said on Fox News’s “America’s Newsroom” Monday that he viewed McCabe’s firing as “vindictive” and “reckless.”

“Andrew McCabe is more likely than not to be a witness against the attorney general’s boss, the president of the United States,” Napolitano said. “I think that firing him in that environment could very well be determined to diminish his effectiveness as a witness. What’s that called? Obstruction of justice.

Trump’s egregious actions are seriously jeopardizing the Mueller investigation. But even with what seems like daily breaking news, we can’t lose sight of one critically important fact that has been true since the day Trump took office: the president has already committed impeachable offenses.

Obstruction of justice is one of eight legal grounds for impeachment we have identified in calling for Congress to launch an impeachment investigation of the President. The firing of McCabe demonstrates further the need for Congress to take immediate action and begin impeachment proceedings.

Click here to read the full article in The Hill.

The Daily Caller: It’s Time For A Trump Impeachment Investigation To Begin

Lanny Davis discusses the need for an impeachment investigation of President Trump in a recent oped for the Daily Caller. Davis calls for a bipartisan effort in support of impeachment noting, “If ever there was a time for patriotic commitment to principle over party and the constitution over partisan interests, this is that time.”

I keep asking myself: If a Democratic president had conducted himself — or herself — as Donald Trump has in the first year, would I favor the beginning of an impeachment process? I ask all Republicans who care about our constitution and the future of our country to ask the same question.

My answer is yes. We cannot afford a partisan double standard on this essential question of impeachment under our Constitution.

The constitutional standard for impeaching a president, under Article II, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution, is a congressional finding that a president has committed “high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

That phrase was not further defined in the Constitution. The Framers and most constitutional scholars agreed that an impeachable offense must involve a presidential abuse of power — one that threatens our constitutional system or national security. It must involve, as Alexander Hamilton wrote in Federalist Paper No. 65, “the abuse or violation of some public trust…[and relates] chiefly to injuries done immediately to the society itself.”

In the case of Donald Trump, there are many examples of specific words and deeds that Republicans as well as Democrats should regard as deserving of investigation as to whether they meet Hamilton’s standard of “violation of some public trust” and “injuries done immediately to society itself.”

Let’s look at just one: Donald Trump’s serial, willful, material lies to the American people. In other words lies that he indisputably knew were lies when he uttered them.


Click here to read the full article in the Daily Caller.