YES! Magazine: Trump Impeachment Campaign Begins

As Yes! Magazine reports, “Never has a modern president so flagrantly violated the Constitution.”

John Bonifaz, a constitutional law attorney explains this unprecedented situation in American history—and what we can do about it.

Want to take action? Here is John’s answer to how citizens can get engaged:

We have on our “Take Action” page on the website a number of ways for people to get involved. The first way is to sign the petition. Then share it with friends and networks to spread the word about this campaign, to post it on Facebook and Twitter, to send it around to your friends and neighbors. We also are urging people to call their members of Congress and urge that they introduce this resolution or—once it’s already been introduced—to support the impeachment investigation.

“Right now our strategy is to get this moving right away.”

We have on our website in that section a draft model resolution that we urge people to get passed in their local communities. Go before your city council, or county commission, or state government, and get your community on record calling for this impeachment investigation to begin in the House of Representatives. We need the support financially of people from around the country to help lift up this campaign, to do this organizing, legal, and communications work.”

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