Exit Polls: 40% of 2018 Voters Support Impeachment

According to exit polls from Tuesday’s midterm elections, 40% of voters support an impeachment investigation of Donald Trump.

The report by CNN reminds us that, “40% is much higher support for impeachment than most presidents face, including President Bill Clinton, who was actually impeached.” CNN also reports that, “support for impeachment is the highest in California, where 54% of 2018 voters back it, followed by New York with 52% support.”

Since these exit polls were conducted, the President has engaged in further egregious, unconstitutional behavior. On Wednesday, Trump made his latest move to obstruct justice by firing Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who had appropriately recused himself from overseeing investigations into the 2016 election, and installing Matthew Whitaker, a Trump loyalist whose appointment appears to be unconstitutional, as acting Attorney General. Whitaker has repeatedly spoken out against the Mueller investigation and is now involved in overseeing the investigation, against which he has a clear bias.

Trump further engaged in impeachable behavior this week when he undermined the freedom of the press by revoking the press pass of a CNN reporter, Jim Acosta, on fraudulent accusations of assault.

Following the midterm elections, it is clear that support for impeachment is growing. We must push even harder for Congress to pursue impeachment proceedings against President Trump.