Independent UK: Tenth US city calls for Donald Trump’s impeachment

Brookline, Massachusetts is the latest local government to send a message to Congress, and part of a wave of momentum calling for impeachment at the local level.  In an interview with The Independent, Free Speech For People Legal Director Ron Fein shares how local governments can send a “powerful signal” about constituent demands.

Fein said the “impeachment campaign is a non-partisan call to action for serious violations of the Constitution by the president. Members of Congress need to set aside partisan differences, put country before party, and hold the president to account for his actions.“

These local resolutions are just the start of a national wave.  Your city could be next!


Eight* Ways To Show the President Committed Obstruction of Justice

By Ben Clements & Ron Fein

*So far. This post will be updated as needed as events unfold.

Obstruction of justice is grounds for impeachment. Under Article II of the Constitution, the president is subject to impeachment for “high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

“[P]revent[ing], obstruct[ing], and imped[ing] the administration of justice” is an impeachable high crime or misdemeanor that can be effected by “interfering or endeavouring to interfere with the conduct of investigations by the Department of Justice of the United States [and] the Federal Bureau of Investigation.” (Those quotations are from the first article of impeachment against Richard Nixon.)

Notably, the category of “high Crimes and Misdemeanors’ is broader than the specifics of federal criminal statutes. Consequently, the question of whether a president should be impeached for obstruction of justice is distinct from the question of whether there is sufficient evidence, admissible in federal court, to persuade a jury beyond a reasonable doubt that President Trump violated a specific federal obstruction of justice statute. For this reason, for purposes of the obstruction of justice analysis, we don’t need to wait for the special counsel to complete a criminal investigation, and we don’t even need to know the full details of the FBI investigation(s) that he obstructed. In fact, for obstruction of justice purposes, it is irrelevant whether or not the underlying investigation ultimately leads to the special counsel prosecuting anyone. The question is simply whether the president endeavored to interfere with or impede that investigation.

Obstruction of justice can be established from the course of conduct below. Even if any one item standing alone is not conclusive, together they form a clear pattern. Furthermore, the House’s impeachment investigation will not require advanced investigative techniques, such as forensic science or signals intelligence. Much of the evidence comes from President Trump’s own mouth on camera or his Twitter feed. The House Judiciary Committee can investigate the rest through documents and examination of witnesses (including, if he desires, President Trump himself).

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Brookline, MA Becomes 10th City To Call For Impeachment! Passes Resolution on 5/27

Last night,  Brookline’s Town Meeting voted to pass a resolution to call on Congress to launch an investigation into whether President Trump’s business dealings violate the Constitution.

“We believe it’s important to pursue these violations of the emoluments clause as a matter of precedent, to make it clear that no president may violate the Constitution with impunity,” Alexandra Borns-Weil told Town Meeting members Thursday night, reports The Boston Globe.

Borns-Weil joined fellow Brookline resident Lisa Kolarik, to bring the resolution to a Town Meeting vote after gathering more than 400 signatures from fellow Brookline residents.

Watch this video from a supporter who attended the Brookline town meeting.

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Rep. Al Green on The Young Turks: Threats, Intimidation Won’t Deter Trump Impeachment

Representative Al. Green of Houston, TX was the first member of the House to call for the impeachment of President Trump for obstruction of justice.  Since then, his office received a number of angry (and racist) phone calls, some of them threatening acts of terror, reports TYT Politics Contributor Eric Byler. Rep. Green and Byler met at the US Capitol to discuss the impeachment campaign and the public’s reaction. Of the threats, Rep. Green assured that they will be taken seriously to protect staff and constituents — but they will not deter or intimidate Rep. Al Green from moving forward with introducing an impeachment resolution.

We commend Rep. Al Green for his courage and patriotism, and we thank him for joining in this important cause of our time.

*Warning: Some portions of this interview include the playback of voice messages that some may find disturbing.

Watch Ben Clements & Ron Fein Speak in Brookline, MA

On May 17, 2017, we gathered in Brookline, Massachusetts for a conversation on legal strategies and ways to organize around impeaching Trump. Ben Clements, Chair of the Board of Free Speech For People, and Ron Fein, Free Speech For People Legal Director, about our campaign calling on Congress to launch an impeachment investigation of President Donald Trump.