BREAKING: Rep. Sherman Circulates Draft Article of Impeachment: Obstruction of Justice

Today, Rep. Sherman (D-CA, 30th District), representing the San Fernando Valley of Southern California, released a press release today announcing that he circulated an Article of Impeachment .

Read the release below:

Washington, D.C. – Today Congressman Brad Sherman, a twenty-year veteran of the House, circulated an Article of Impeachment to all Members of the House, Democrat and Republican, seeking their input and support.

Sherman said, “as set forth in my letter to my colleagues: As the investigations move forward, additional evidence supporting additional Articles of Impeachment may emerge. However, as to Obstruction of Justice and 18 U.S.C. § 1512 (b)(3), the evidence we have is sufficient to move forward now.  And the national interest requires that we do so.”

Sherman continued, “I act not for partisan advantage.  Having served with Mike Pence in the House for twelve years, I disagree with him on most issues of public policy.  But we must move forward as quickly as possible to ensure a competent government that respects the Constitution and the rule of law, even if we end up with a President who is effective and dedicated to regressive policies.”

Sherman concluded, “I have no illusions.  Articles of Impeachment will not pass the House in the near future.  But given the risk posed to the Republic, we should move things forward as quickly as possible.”

View the Draft Article of Impeachment: here.

Los Angeles Times: An L.A.-area congressman has joined the formal effort to impeach Trump

This week, a California Congressman has joined Representative Al Green of Texas in efforts to begin impeachment proceedings of President Donald Trump.

Representative Brad Sherman (D-Porter Ranch) stated:

“This matter needs to be analyzed in terms of preserving constitutional rule of law, not on the basis of partisanship,” Sherman said as he stood beside Green. “Our Constitution and democracy require that our leaders be held accountable to the rule of law.”

Read more about his efforts in the Los Angeles Times.

Newton, MA Rallying For Impeachment Call

On Wednesday, June 7,  more than 100 people called for the impeachment of President Trump at a rally outside  the Newton City Hall, before a hearing by City Councilors on whether to pass a proposed resolution calling upon Congress to introduce an impeachment investigation of Trump.

Newton resident and Free Speech For People Chair of the Board Ben Clements urged councilors to support the resolution saying, “The president has aggressively used the power of the presidency to enrich himself, his family members, his associates at the expense of the public.”

The resolution passed a committee vote and it will go to a full, official City Council vote on June 19. Read more coverage via Boston Globe.

Boston Globe: Newton rally calls for Trump’s impeachment

Joining 10 other communities across the country, residents of Newton, Massachusetts are rallying together to urge their local city council to call on Congress to pass a resolution calling for the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

“The president has aggressively used the power of the presidency to enrich himself, his family members, his associates at the expense of the public,” said Newton resident Ben Clements, who urged councilors to support the nonbinding resolution as part of the national Impeach Trump Now campaign.

Read more about Newton’s efforts in the Boston Globe.

Watch John Bonifaz Speak at the Northampton March For Truth

On Saturday, June 3, John Bonifaz spoke at the Northampton March For Truth.  Across the country, peaceful demonstrations took place in over 150 communities, with these simple demands:

  • Independent commission must be established and Congressional investigations should be properly resourced and pursued free of partisan interests;
  • As much information should be made available to the public as possible, and as soon as possible;
  • Congress should require Donald Trump to release his tax returns to clarify his business interests and obligations to any foreign entity;
  • If crimes were committed or if collusion is discovered, it must be prosecuted.

For more information on the march, visit